denny's at midnight

11:08 PM

It's really funny how many MORE people you find at Denny's at midnight than you do at 10 or 11 am.  Because breakfast is definitely better in the middle of the night?  People watching was never better... at such an hour there was:

  • The group that were sitting in the booth just next to us were asking the waiter for nutrition facts... and fat-free chocolate milk. Were I a waitress, I believe my response couldn't dream of hiding my condescension, "Hon you want me to spoon some cocoa into your skim milk?  Because that's what you're asking for." Honestly, if she's trying to watch her weight or be healthy why is she eating A) at midnight and B) at Denny's...

  • The awkward brown girl and ginger boy couple. Just looking awkward...  eating their food and stuff...

  • The almost-group-date of seven with the odd girl out.  One couple was definitely into each other, another with the guy totally hitting on the girl next to him who just looked tired.  And then the random girl in the corner.

  • The sad person seated by himself, staring at his laptop with three downed cups of coffee.  He could hardly keep his eyes open.  You can't help but wonder what he was working on, and feel bad for the sad condition he was in.

  • The guy drinking three cokes, definitely rocking garments, possible BYU student, studying from a definite textbook, finals maybe?

  • And then two girls, looking hott, kinda tired but still having a good night after seeing a legit movie and shopping.  Taking a break from studying.  Basically normal girls, just dropping some eaves and paying more attention to other people's food than their own.

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  1. ahh i love this post! its so true haha!
    buttt you should probably make a blogspot blog before you get too invested in this whole wordpress business. just saying:]

  2. laurenthejukebox17April 18, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    Haha. I know, right?
    I did blogspot once upon a time and I just didn't mesh too well with it. I like my wordpress :) I've been happy with them for a yearish. So... sorry Taylor, but I'm sticking here. :]


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