jimmer shirts are ALMOST always appropriate.

7:31 PM

Today I saw Noah Hartsock in the bookstore.  It was kind of cool.  A lot cooler than when I saw James Anderson and Brock Zylstra yesterday.  See at my lovely job at the textbook information desk in the BYU bookstore, during rush period we only run the register for athletic scholarships, and other special cases.  So yesterday I happened to be nearest the register when Anderson and Zylstra came by.  ...Unfortunately I was wearing my Jimmer #32 shirt.

Not that it's bad to show support for their team, but Jimmer has so many freaking female groupies that don't know two licks about basketball... I sort of wanted these guys to know that I actually knew who they were too.  It didn't go over too well.  And let me tell ya, Anderson is a freaking giant.  I was very intimidated, and he really didn't want to hold a conversation.  I asked him if he was taking any fun classes, he said no... we exchanged a few more witty anecdotes, and I casually wished him luck with basketball.  He slightly shook his head and hurried off out of my sight.

Zylstra didn't even give me that much, though I did crack a laugh out of him.  I can't remember exactly what he said though I think it had something to do with the obnoxiously short "break" we had between winter and spring semesters.  I just wish I were wearing a different shirt...

Today I looked cute, so I wouldn't have minded exchanging a few words with Hartsock, but alas.  He wasn't buying books I guess.  I still enjoyed, you know, awkwardly walking past the general area that he was occupying a few more times than necessary...

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