today i am a ma'am

8:18 PM

As my sister so put it, today was a day of closing chapters.  I left Helaman Halls.  I'm for sure going to miss the good ol' 1106, but I'm also ready for a new adventure.  I thrive off of change.

With leaving to off-campus housing, this required abandoning my blessed meal plan.  Well, I guess I could have gotten another, like, off-campus meal plan but... let's face it, those guys are mother expensive.  So today I went grocery shopping.  By myself.  For the first time.  In my life.

I realized as I was perusing the aisles of Smith's that it was actually my first time, like, grocery shopping in America since I had left for Tahiti.  I've been to grocery stores since being back, but I haven't done the normal buying of milk and bread and eggs andddd... yeah, it was actually kind of strange.  I saw the Chunky soup cans and was reminded of my dog, Lucy, licking out the remnants.  I saw our favorite Yoplait whips yogurts, our same loaves of bread, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and Henry Weinhard's gourmet sodas.

I felt extremely old grocery shopping by myself.  I didn't go with a roommate, I didn't even go with my sis.  It was surreal, wandering aimlessly with no inclination as to what to buy.  I... don't exactly like spending money on food.  My mother would be proud, for the first time in my life absolutely nothing jumped out at me from the shelves.  Just some apples.  And the peanut butter.  I only spent 20 bucks - I have a feeling that I have a LOT more to figure out.

As I was confidently and adultly marching along my path by the produce, an elderly gentleman stepped in front of me.  I said, "excuse me."  His wife complimented me on my courtesy.  I kinda chuckled to myself and realized that I was in the real world now.  My mom wasn't anywhere remotely close.  I didn't even have an operable cell phone to call for help.  Another dude asked me a question by addressing me as "ma'am."

Guys, today I am a ma'am.  I'm approaching twenty, I'm an adult.  I went grocery shopping by myself today.

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