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I guess in all truthfulness I'm still a freshman, but leaving the dorms was definitely the end of an era.  I'm pretty sure I already used that phrase.  I'm now living in a big-girl apartment being surrounded by 24-something -year-old people in my ward that I feel like I'm definitely NOT a freshman anymore.  New ball game, enter "meat-market-stage."

I'm not here to talk about dating, though.  Or about asking people out, though I could throw around a few funny lines that I've heard in the past couple of days.  I thought it'd be appropriate, especially considering the TERRIBLE journaling efforts that I've been making, that I commemorate my freshman experience with a list of some memories and stuff.

  • Playing tunnel soccer every single night during final's week at the end of fall semester.  I still miss all of those guys who abandoned us in winter for missions.  The nerve.
  • BYU-Basketball.  All of it.
  • Okay, but more specifically the BYU v. SDSU game.  Standing in line for 5 hours... storming the court... oh that was amazing.
  • Also, the final game against Wyoming.  That was memorable.  More standing in line and stuff.  I'll miss the Jimmer next year....
  • Playing basketball almost every day with Scott and Ben.  I miss both of those guys so much it's crazy.
  • Moving in on that first day to Helaman Halls.  It was a girl's day with Brooke and Maddie.
  • My first day of school and having Ben surprise me with Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk after my first class because he knew how nervous I was.
  • Having the greatest 17-year-old roommate ever.  "I love us." Staying up late talking about... stuff. Watching Friends. Getting her addicted to Lost. Being the cool "international team."
  • My FHE group.  I love and miss all of them.  Smurfs, basketball, I don't even know WHAT we did there but it was fun.
  • Having a life-saver of a sister who takes care of me whenever I need things.  Not to mention my amazing brother in law who also saves me, like when I'm stranded in Springville.  They're the best and we have fun times hanging out.  They also give me good advice, which is very handy.  I'm so glad that they're there for me.
  • Meeting that cool red-head named Chloe.  Eating breakfast every day after English together.
  • The fight against quiet hours in my dorm.  Not exactly a FAVORITE memory per se, but it sure does make me laugh.  Becoming friends with Angela and Taylor through that debate.
  • Watching movies with Ben almost every day of fall semester.  STARSHIP TROOPERS GAHH.
  • Football games!
  • MEAL PLAN. Jamba Juice's Pink Star. Legend's Grille.  Subway steak and cheese on Italian herbs and cheese with avocado, provolone cheese, lettuce, extra onions, olives, green peppers, chipotle southwest AND sweet onion sauces.  Scoreboard grill breakfasts.  Sugar & Spice's hot bread.  Cannon Center's sweet potato fries.  Creamery ice cream.  Creamery burgers and fries and fry sauce.  Yeah, okay I hate paying for food now.
  • On that note, going to the Cannon Center with B&R's family.  So much fun.
  • Having the BESTEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD in my wonderful nieces and nephews.  They brighten my day, everyday.  Richie, Maddie, Matthew, and Noelle, you are SO much better than college people.
  • School, I guess.  I enjoyed my Humanities class and both of my French classes.  My English class this semester was also great.
  • Starting karate again!  Going to Alexis and McKell's black belt test, bringing a new spark to my week.
  • Eating at random Asian restaurants before Ben's mission.
  • Working at the bookstore.  Sometimes it's boring, but I love the people who work there.  It's constant entertainment.  Exhibit A:

  • Watching The Godfather at Ben's house with Scott. This included pizza, sandwiches, cheese sticks, other junk food, and immediately driving to Blockbuster to get Part II before they closed at midnight.  That's in the top 5 of favorite memories.
  • Festival of Colors.  So much. Color.
  • Tray sledding!
  • Seeing Harry Potter at midnight with Riley, Nellie, and Eric.  Haha, that was a great night.
  • Going to Logan with Chloe over GC weekend.  Movies, fam, food, high school friends.
  • Saying goodbye to my best friend.
  • Nellie's birthday.  Adventures, calls from Elder Holland, kidnapping her up to Midway, hot tubbing, Coldstone parties.
  • Meeting new awesome roommates who I'm super excited to share new memories with this year. [sorry I stole your FB photo, Sarah...]
Freshman year? Check.  Done.  Over with.  Forever.  Now it's real life.  And full-time jobs.  And dating.  And... I don't even know yet.  It's only been a week.  This'll always be a fond memory in the back of my conscious.  Or whatever.

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  1. Hooray for this post. I loved it. And I have a cute pic of you and Noelle from Easter that I must pass along. We loved your Freshman year too!!

  2. laurenthejukebox17May 5, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    I'd love to see a picture of me and Noelley honey :) I couldn't have done it without you guys, that's for sure.


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