but it's okay because i've never broken a bone

1:49 PM

For as athletic and adventurous as I am, I have had a remarkably low amount of injuries (you're welcome mom).  Sure I've pulled a million muscles, sprained a couple of ankles, and cracked a rib - but nothing remotely dangerous.  Ironically, the most serious injuries I have sustained throughout my life have been on my face.

Why I am thinking about this right now, I don't know.  I did hit my head yesterday on my way to work (I turned a corner too quickly - it was a ditzy moment. Don't worry about it).  and that naturally stirs me to stare without purpose at my forehead and remember all the cool scars I've got.

My best (worst?) scar came when I was eleven - I was bit by a dog on my lip.  That was intense, seventeen stitches, plastic surgery whateverness.  I wish I had a good picture of that, but I don't.  I really do need to get better about taking pictures.

Last summer, right after I came back from Tahiti, I went on a double date with Ben, Mike and Chalyse.  We went shooting - and it was my first time firing a gun.  Ben, bless his heart, probably shouldn't have started me with a .308.  But, whatever, I was down and I DID hit my target before things got too real.  On my second go, without any help, the kick united scope and forehead, the scope leaving its mark of affection as a semi-circle just above my eyebrow.

The rest of the date was spent in the hospital. 5 stitches. Ben felt bad, but he was a sweetheart about it all.  My only regret is that the stitches were gone before I went to New Student Orientation so I didn't have an awesome conversation starter.

A few weeks ago, I went to a karate belt-test.  One of the requirements for intermediate and advanced ranks is to break a certain number of wood boards at their test.  I wasn't testing, but I got to hold several boards for the testers to break.  One kid breaks the board I was holding with a side kick into THREE pieces, the middle piece pummels my forehead for a scrape just parallel to my shooting scar.  It broke skin, bled slightly, but really wasn't that bad.  It looked freaking LEGIT.  Turns out I think it hurt me a lot worse than I initially thought because I had a pretty pressing headache the following two days and it swelled up nearly twice its natural size.

My face is decorated with trophies of awesomeness.  You know you're jealous.

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