i'm a balloon master

5:47 PM

Have you noticed how most of my latest updates have to do with work?  That's probably because I have no life besides the bookstore.  Like, really.  So pathetic.  I need more friends.

In two weeks, the bookstore is having a Festival of Books.  It should be pretty legit, though I'll also be ready for it to be over.  There will be lots of fun things for kids and stuff, so bring your families!  I'll be working all day and I signed up over a month ago to learn this new skill:

I will be making balloon creations for the little children.  They will marvel at the dogs, mice, giraffes, squirrels, and wiener dogs that I can make.  And they will give me tips.  But probably not.  Maybe I will perfect these skills and become a balloon master.  I'll advertise and make lots of money off of kids' birthday parties.  And then I won't have to graduate from college because I'll make so much money from balloons.

I don't see any problems with my plans, do you?

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  1. I am... inspired... by your greatness as well. 0_o You are fulfilling one of my greatest dreams. I salute you.

    Hey, don't you hate it when everything you post has to do with work cuz you have no life besides? ;)

  2. laurenthejukebox17May 30, 2011 at 5:25 AM

    It's not that hard to learn, Beth - you could master it easily. And you're freaking awesome.

    Yes, I do hate that everything I ever THINK about has to do with work. Because work is my LIFEEEEEE.


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