the internet is a monster

12:40 PM

I'm addicted to my laptop.  I'll be the first to admit it (step one is recognizing the problem, right?)  I acknowledge that the internet can be a trap for a procrastinating college student such as myself, but I also don't label the www as completely evil.  I justify my actions with the fact that I do interact with real people for most of my day and get my homework done beforehand.   It's just when I come home that I veg and shut down.  Lately, though, I've been making it a point to limit my time on Facebook and focus on real-life stuff a little more.  I want to become more well-rounded.  In my attributes, not my hips.

This all goes back to my goal of trying to wake up earlier.  Once I can change THIS, I can change EVERYTHING.  Were I given the opportunity to participate in illegal or otherwise sketchy/morals-compromising behavior at 5 in the morning... I'd probably do it, my judgment is so shot.  My subconscious is a devil, and he trumps my better judgment every time - because my better judgment has difficulty voicing his opinion in the morning.  My subconscious KNOWS that I don't NEED to wake up then, so I don't.  Man, I gotta get better at that.

Besides this giant misstep in my day, I've come to realize that reading, like, for fun, has been grossly missed in my daily routine.  Ironically - the internet itself brought me to this realization.  I was browsing through my sites as usual, and then I came across the social-networking site for books: Goodreads.  I joined Goodreads in 2008, but added few titles past Harry Potter.  Yesterday I spent a good two hours going through and adding books that I'd read in the past two years.  Yeah, two hours.  Social Networking.  But afterwards, I felt an odd sense of fulfillment - not that i-just-wasted-two-hours-looking-at-the-same-thing-on-facebook feeling.  It got me psyched about reading!  I immediately added Matched by Ally Condie to my "Currently Reading" shelf and started browsing through titles I might be interested in.  I wanted to keep going on my Newbery Award goal (read all of them).  Anyone else on Goodreads?  Friend me!  I'm a little pumped about it right now.

So, internet, you're a monster in kind of the same way that the BFG is a monster.  Or, maybe kinda like Hagrid.  Or maybe like Buckbeak, because he's meaner than Hagrid is - and you do have a mean side.  But right now I commend you, you've brought me back to a childhood pastime that I have sorely missed this past year.  And now I will waste MORE time reading than I do on Facebook.  That is the goal.

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  1. Dude, I TOTALLY realized the exact same thing a month or so ago!! Now I have to read 100 books before I touch another video game. ;) How are you liking Matched?

  2. laurenthejukebox17June 2, 2011 at 6:02 PM

    You're such an inspiration, Beth. I'm really liking Matched! I'm not too far into it, but I'm really enjoying it. It's just nice to read books...


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