last adventures

12:37 PM

So, I don't want to be one of those girls that just blogs about hiking and nature and posts a bunch of pictures of things that really look exactly the same as all the others and talks about how wonderful life is and how beautiful the flowers were from all five different angles... but I did go on a cool hike the other day.

Even after living in Springville for... 7 yearsish, I had never hiked Maple Mountain.  Sad days.

[cutest picture ever? i think so...] Mike, Milo and I made a day of it.  It was a great last adventure before yet another best friend deuces it for the mish...

We hiked to Maple Lake... or as I like to call it, Maple Pond.  I lived in Minnesota.  That is not a lake.  It was frozen over, and that was pretty awesome stuff.  We trekked through tons of snow.

But even with all the snow, there was still pretty things up at the top to admire.

Imma miss that kid.

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