philosophies of lauren smith

8:08 PM

As written in my book of awesomeness, 2009:

There is no need to hate people.  The annoying acquaintances that may drive you nuts will probably grow up someday - and have the potential to become your friends.  The only people deserving of your dislike or hatred are those who hurt you.  To a  thick-skinned person the only ones who can truly hurt you are your friends.  And if they're your friends - there was a reason they were your friends in the first place.  And those reasons are far more important than something to hold a grudge over that will tear you away from someone important to you.

You know a meeting goes too long when not only can you pop your knuckles twice - but you're bored enough to think of doing so.

I guess I have some ounces of wisdom in me.  I do know the science of popping knuckles anyway.

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