comic-con... not.

6:23 PM

Comic-con is kinda the big to-do at this time of year.  I've never been... though it has recently been added to my bucket list.

And that's actually another thing I want to talk about.  I believe in bucket lists.  Well, let's be honest, I believe in LISTS.  I love goals, I love looking forward to something.  I think my bucket-list began somewhere around age 12.  It has been tweaked, edited, and resized several times hence, but I still have a LOT of things I want to do with life.  These goals range from "Graduate from college" to "Go skydiving" to "Kiss under the Eiffel Tower."  Lately I've been thinking more about my artsy side/improving myself.  So my list has grown exponentially in the past few months.  But what's life if you're not making yourself better?

My big bro is a comic-book connoisseur.  I lurve super-hero movies, but every time I discuss with him I am put to shame with his excess back knowledge and know-how.  So I added a few months ago #77 "Get into comics."  That can be as ambiguous as you like it to be.  But when Adam came out, I tagged along with him and the girlfriend as they perused a comic book shop.  And, being the awesome, generous people that Adam and Jessica are, they bought me some sturff.

I have never been so excited to find a new hobby.  I may or may not be sneak-reading a book about understanding comics at the bookstore right now.  I'm so excited to get my hands on some more.

And I'm sooo ready to see Captain America now.  I'm learning so much more about Marvel characters. Just quiz me!  K, don't really.

And bucket lists are great.

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