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This post has been a long time coming, I suppose.  I think that this is the last step I need to take before it can really happen.  I need to declare to the world that I, Lauren Smith, am going to participate in a half-marathon.

(Though really, the final step is probably registering for the race... but I don't feel like spending $45 right at this moment.  Telling the internet is almost as good of a commitment as that though, right?)

I've had a love/hate relationship with running over the years.  Having played basketball and soccer my whole life, I was no stranger to regular exercise.  Then once I began training for my black belt, I was running nearly every day to train for those 5 miles.  I even joined the track team my freshman year.  Though running didn't come as naturally as team-sports did (and I definitely hated it initially) I eventually found a way to enjoy it.  And got better at it.  Man, those were the days.

Then I went and moved to Tahiti and damaged my athletic prowess forever.  And it's taken a while to get back into whatever shape I'm in.  But hey, I'm getting there.

And what better way to get in good shape than by running a half marathon, right?  right?  Anyway, I'm going to do it.  And you know what, you get blessed for trying to get in shape.  Why, you may ask?  The other night, after much debate and arguing with myself, I finally gave in and departed on a 7 mile run.  And oh wait, just as I was passing the temple, I saw Elder Michael Nay.  so BAM.  It was worth something.

Other than that though, the only real reason I'm doing it is so that I can say that I've done it.  And for the hot bod I guess.  But, cheer me on anyways?

Here's a recent snap shot of me training:

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