52 photos project - a reflection

11:12 AM

This week's prompt, or in my case I suppose it'd be more appropriate to say this month's prompt, was "a reflection."  I was pondering this idea as I lay on my bed watching Paul Newman in The Hustler.  Suddenly, I saw my face peeking from behind his beautiful face.  Pure gold.  There is my young love-smitten self reflected in the screen, gazing at the gorgeousness that is Paul Newman.

Pardon the dirty computer screen.  Spontaneity is rarely connected with preparedness, and the only way that my screen would have been clean was by being prepared to embed my face next to Paul Newman.  And I wasn't exactly planning that.

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  1. what a fantastic reflection of you and Paul in bed...LOVE THAT!!

  2. The first photo — where you both seem to gazing into each other's eyes (and without the camera) — is priceless! A special moment captured forever...

  3. that's cool! great job - love it!


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