movie moments, and great kids

4:53 PM

My nieces and nephews have the coolest aunt ever.  They're gonna be so cultured.

Last Sunday my parents gave a fireside for the fam up at my Grandmother's stake center in Sandy.  (It was great).  I rode up and back with Brooke, Richie, and Maddie.  On the way home, it was kind of late and we were keeping entertained in the car.  Maddie, out of the blue, just starts singing: "Are we human? OR ARE WE DANCER?" [Richie joins in] "My sign is vital, my hands are COLD." [I join in] "And I'm onnnnn my knees looking for the answer." [Brooke joins in] "Are we humannnnn, or are we DANCERRR."  It was seriously a movie moment.  The four of us.  In the car.  Singing The Killers.  Ten seconds later: "I could not believe my eyes, when ten million fireflies..."

Those kids are the coolest EVER.

The cutest, toothless babe.

Richie made the coolest ring for me out of my bracelets.

Just like a favorite scene from a favorite movie.  I love it when that kinda stuff happens in real life.

Especially if it's with my kooler than kool kats niece and nephew.

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