so... facebook.

6:18 PM

How many of you out there posted an angry status about the new Facebook layout? Yeah, probably, like all of you. Because for three days straight my news feed has had #suckerberg plastered all over it. All I have to say is, do you guys remember this?


Yeah. That's what I thought. We've come a long way, baby. Change is a part of developing technology. In fact, change is impertinent to technology and our growing society. Here I am, blogging on my iTouch on a keyboard the size of my fist. It's amazing to see where our society is headed and if M Zuckerberg expects to compete with every brilliant innovation out there, he's got to roll with the times.

'Member Myspace? Yeah, I don't either. That's because they were severely ousted by Bookface. They failed to adapt. We too can grow tired of Facebook and that's exactly what the CEO doesn't want. If he expects the bazilloon people who make up the Facebook population to stick around, then he needs to be on his toes constantly.  Facebook is awesome because it is so catered to the users.  I remember one day specifically thinking, "Man, it'd be nice to comment on this wall-post. I would love to be a part of that conversation." Three-four weeks later, BAM.  Zuckerberg seemingly read my mind, and wall-to-wall conversations were a thing of the past.

Yeah, Facebook is definitely headed to gross stalkerish heights. Kinda creeper, but deal. You secretly love it. Don't tell me you didn't immediately find that one guy in your Bio 100 class and "subscribe" to "all updates."  I don't know if this new subscribe feature will catch on or not, but I, for one, think it's great to control how much info you get from your "friends."  Never again will Farmville paraphernalia crowd my news feed.
[p.s., I'm not even taking bio 100, so I'm certainly not talking about myself up thurr.  FYI.]
[also, I may modify some statements with the release of the new "timeline" feature, we shall see what that brings in the next week or so.]

Cuz guess what guys, we're a pretty smart bunch of people, we'll adapt to the changes, and forget that anything ever happened in one week tops. I remember being invited to dozens of Facebook groups to "GO BACK TO THE OLD FACEBOOK" about two years ago when we're were a part of crap-face image as posted above.  I don't hear any "purists," or whatever, complaining now. Once we find our way amidst the confusion, we can then Skype with our moms and pops and explain to them in 5 seconds how to message that one girl they knew 50 years ago. So calm down, Facebook buddies. Change is a part of life, so you better get used to it now.

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  1. YES! EXACTLY. I personally am a fan of the new Facebook. I think everyone should stop complaining.

  2. I'm a fan too, I think Timeline is legit! And I just get fed up with people who complain for fifteen seconds of their lives. They'll keep using Facebook, we all know it.


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