12 of 12 - October #ashamedphotographer

2:46 AM

So I skipped a few months. Sorry. I'll try and be better about life-documentation.

1] I... actually ate breakfast.  This is big news.  Frosted Flakes FTW.
2] After a nice shower, I actually had time to get ready.  Mascara-in' it up.
3] I love it when I take the time to get ready in the morning.  My hair is so long now that it is kind of a pain to fix, but it's worth it when I do.
4] Physical Science Lecture.  It was a tired day, and I had a hard time focusing.  
5] At work, I ref'd books.  Basically that just means that we transfer books from our sales floor to our discontinued wall.  It's... super fun.
6] For my Comms class, we are keeping a Media Diary.  It's... pretty ridiculous to keep track of all the media I consume in a day.  It's a lot.  What can I say, I'm a media fiend. (This, guys, is a post for another day).
7] On that subject, here is my Comms classroom, albeit empty.  I got there early.  I love that class so much.  Though I did end up sleeping through the last twenty minutes... (I was tired, remember?)
8] Lunch/dinner (linner?): Quesadilla, chocolate mousse while watching a 24 episode.
9] Studying in the living room with SarKar.  
10] Reading... Physical Science textbook.
11] I went to see Cowboys & Aliens.  Not worth it.  Jon Favreau, Harrison Ford, you disappoint me.
12] I stayed up late.  Doing homework.  Or whatever.  Me=tired.

Here's the thing.  #ashamedphotographer.  I have never been that girl that takes pictures of everything.  But I kind of want to be.  I'm fine taking pictures of inanimate objects or even myself if no one else is there.  But last night, I went to Sammy's for shakes with friends, and saw a movie with a different friend.  But I'm too ashamed or embarrassed or awkward or whatever to just take a stupid picture with my friends.  It's kind of anticlimactic and little girl-ish to capture a dumb moment for my posterity.  I guess if I keep on these weird blogging things then maybe I can step out of my shell just enough.  I don't know.  Until then, here's 12 more dumb pictures of my day.  

I do have friends, I promise.

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  1. You are cool. :D I am wildly jealous of people who DO take pictures all the time. I hope to be better at that when I am on my mish... in any case, I much enjoyed your post. :)

  2. Aww thanks Beth. My one goal in life is to gain your approval...


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