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My boo, Coldplay, has got a new album out.  I forget how much I love that band.  I get so caught up on finding new music sometimes that I neglect my homies.  Yesterday, it was like being reunited with my best friend.  Coldplay is my comfort music: Chris Martin eases my worries, he sings to my heart.  Only Ben Gibbard can rival his soulful talent (and both of them have great taste in women - Zooey Deschanel, Gwyneth Paltrow yes plz).  Any other thoughts on their latest effort?

That awkward moment where I skip Sunday.

'Member that day I did Sunday goals?  Too bad it's already Tuesday and I didn't post about it.  Let's just pretend it's Sunday, yeah?

So this week's word is spirituality.  Basically playing along with my word last week I decided to, well, prioritize, but focus on my highest priority.  I've wanted to serve a mission for a really long time, but with school, money, and degree of desire, I don't know what will happen in the next year.  Either way, I'm hardly prepared.  I love my church, but I don't always give it the attention it deserves.  Whether or not I serve a mission, I will be prepared for one.  So we gonna work on that this week.

I didn't post about this.  But srsly, aren't these kids the cutest?  Over General Conference weekend, I got to stay with them while B&R/M&D (Brooke, Rich, Mom, and Dad) went to Salt Lake.  I can only imagine what it's like to have your own children, because I love these kids more than anything in the world. 
[p.s. they're my nieces and nephews. In case you hadn't figured that out.]
We played dominos.  It was a good time.  I wish I had written down every single little thing they said, because they are all so freakin cute.

But, to keep things interesting, here's an old story.  

I always feel weird blogging about dating for fear that these dates will stumble upon my blog and be offended and mortified.  But, you know, I am a girl, and half of my best stories come from dudes.  So blogging gets frustrating when I omit all of my dating excursions.  But this was long enough ago that I think I'm safe.

The short story, I went on a date with a boy we'll call Joshua.  It was awkward.  I wasn't interested.  I used the i-have-a-missionary excuse to avoid further pursuance (he asked me out again TWO DAYS later). 

Maddie, my niece of 6 years (almost 7, and she just bobbed her hair so she's soooo sophisticated now), loves to play with my phone.  And the trouble with kids these days is that they actually know how to USE phones.  What is up with that?  No one taught them how to find the camera, or the games.  It's like this new generation is born with an Apple Insignia on their brains ready to program a military strike at age five.  

So on one such day where I surrender my piece o' junk phone to Mads, she moves on from her usual take-four-thousand-pictures-of-the-tv antics and sends a text message.  To Joshua.  (He wasn't on my "recent recipients" list... so she had to scroll down to the "J's")  She types:

"I jlike you."

She was just learning how to read, so she spelled out one of the few sentences she knew how to write.  There was some serious damage control that went with that, I mean what was I supposed to say? "Ohhhh, yeah, that was actually my niece?"  

I was literally crying, I was laughing so hard.

Thanks for sticking around for all of that.  Love to all.

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  1. Geesh, you have cool handwriting. :D And I mentally blanked on how old your nieces and nephews are! That's crazy to me. 0_o

    And mission excuses are the best, seriously. (Whether it's "I have a missionary" or "sorry dude, I'm going on a mission so I'm completely unavailable.") Erin has already admitted that she wants to use me as an excuse and pretend she's waiting for a particular "Elder Black". But I have my worries. She isn't even waiting for anyone anyways, so she probably shouldn't be avoiding men like the plague...

    Anyways, you are pretty much awesome.

  2. Wow. Thank you, Beth. I don't think anyone has ever complimented my handwriting before...

    And yes, mission excuses rock. I haven't used it too many times, but it's a great fall-back. If things go poorly with Ben, can you be my missionary too? :)


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