football is a man sport. ...wait.

6:15 PM

There are four types of girls in this world:

  1. Those that hate football.
  2. Those that love football
  3. Those that like football games/support their school
  4. Those that pretend to love football to impress boys

Though I have difficulty relating to girls that hate football, I can at least get behind their honesty.  I respect girls that can just be themselves, and are comfortable enough in their skin to admit that they simply aren't interested in football.

I'm category two.

I also have a lotta girlfriends who just go to games because it's fun.  I get it, football is kind of a social thing.  You may not completely understand football, but that's okay with you - you love the excited atmosphere of a football stadium and screaming with all your girlfriends (and you know enough to scream FIRST DOWN when applicable).  And your school spirit tank is, like, overflowing.  So I'm not gonna hate on your type one bit - as much as I love football, my school spirit will never measure up to yours.  

But I really, really, reeeeeaally hate poser girls who try and talk football, but actually have no idea what they're talking about.  I really hate it.  

On a completely somewhat unrelated note, why is it that girls just don't get football?  It's like football comprehension is a direct consequence of high testosterone levels, an added perk of the y-chromosome.  It's not like the game is that hard to understand, but somehow it's this man sport: and girls couldn't begin to explain the difference between a linebacker and a lineman.  Of course, I'm overgeneralizing.  I know many man econ nerds or sweater-wearin' hipsters that wouldn't be caught dead at a football game. And also, I am the biggest elephant in the room: I'm a girl, and I understand football (you thought I was talking about how fat I was, didn't you...)  I know I'm not the only one out there, either.  

[Though, I'm not really sure how I got to understanding football, we didn't watch it much growing up.  My love for football has grown in the past five years or so.  Also, I don't pretend to know everything about the sport, because I don't.  But I know enough.]

Back to that thing I hate.  

I hate posers in general, but girls that are trying to show off to their men friends with their pre-rehearsed stats really push my buttons (in a bad way).  Recent comments I've heard about BYU's then-coming game last Friday:
"Sooo, I heard that TCU is supposed to be pretty good, huh?" (No kidding, Sherlock)
"I heard that Jake isn't going to be playing quite as much this time."
"Well, we clobbered Idaho State, so we can definitely take on TCU because they played SO well last game."

Seriously, ladies.  Admit it.  You only do it for the boys.  You love to look all cute in your sporty attire, and you'll take tons of pictures of yourself wearing that oversized jersey ready to cheer on your team.  By the time the game is over, you won't remember the score.  You just hope that your team won so your man is in a good enough mood to make out with you.  But please.  If you really don't like football, don't pretend to.  It's not like the guys really believe you know what you're talking about: they see right through you.  They just like the way your eye brow curls when you are trying to keep up with the conversation.

And plus, guys would never pretend to take interest in shopping to impress you.  Mostly because if they did, you would assume they were gay.

Those school-spirited girls are fun to be with.  Too bad I've only managed to make it to one game with my high school BFF this year though.......

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