jimmer one more time?? yesplz.

7:33 PM

Anyone well versed in sports is well aware of the NBA Lockout goin' down right now.  If you don't know what that is (like the ten people I explained it to this week), then wikipedia it.  (Wikipedia is as much of a verb as google is.  Or Jimmer).

So Jimmer Fredette, new rookie for the Sac Kings, my former BYU squeeze, arranges a pretty sick All-Star game for all of those new recruits with no place to go.  I can barely bring myself to say that I almost didn't go.  But never fear, I came to my senses.  I just need to remember that I will never regret attending anything that has to do with basketball. Or Jimmer. And especially both.  So why I even barely considered missing this JimmerANDultimatebasketballfest for, like, homework is totally beyond me.

That is THE best talent that will ever convene in the Marriott Center.  Let's just look at this roster:

Jimmer - BYU - first round pick for Sacramento Kings
Kenneth Faried - Morehead State - first round pick for Denver Nuggets
Chris Singleton - Florida State - first round pick for Washington Wizards
Nolan Smith - Duke - first round pick for Portland Trail Blazers
Tyler Honeycutt - UCLA - second round pick for Sacramento Kings
Jackson Emery - BYU - undrafted
Chris Wright - Dayton - undrafted
Charles Jenkins - Hofstra - second round pick for Golden State Warriors

Jimmah and new-daddy Emery.

Kawhi Leonard - San Diego State - first round pick for San Antonio Spurs
Kemba Walker - UCONN - first round pick for Charlotte Bobcats
Bismack Biyombo - Democratic Republic of Congo - first round pick for Charlotte Bobcats
Malcolm Lee - UCLA - second round pick for my Minnesota Timberwolves
Vernon Macklin - Florida - second round pick for Detroit Pistons
Isaiah Thomas - Washington - second round pick for Sacramento Kings
Jake Kelly - Indiana State - undrafted

Yeah, we've got the Jimmer: NCAA leading scorer while winning every major player of the year award and can shoot half court shots on a nightly basis.  But if you think Jimmer was the only reason to come to this game, then you are seriously overestimating the former BYU player.  Kemba Walker led his team to the NCAA championship in 2011, finishing as second overall leading scorer.  Kenneth Faried led the nation in rebounding.  Bismack Biyombo was the 7th overall pick in the draft.

I've never seen so many alley-oops, behind the back passes, and dunks in one evening before.  It's nice to watch basketball without caring about the outcome.  I mean, I was cheering for Team Jimmer, but I didn't really care that they lost.  I just wanted to see good basketball.  And that, I got.

Along with some good daddy/daughter bonding.  And I got to wear my #32 shirt.  It had been too long.

Annnnnnd, who says no to a little TJ Fredette?  I can't hate, because you're related to my favorite man, but... you're still such a white boy.

Here's to closure on the greatest Cougar Basketball season I will probably ever see.  I got to see Fredette in the Marriott Center one last time.  Next up: let's see that BYU man in a Sac Kings jersey.  I also don't think he'll be half bad playing in the big bad world of the NBA.  Only time will tell. 

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  1. Allow me to just give my observations of your blog

    #1. Lovin the picture of you and your dad

    #2. The phrase (suckerberg) officially made my day

    #3. I like how you used the word "totes" in a post. haha

    My conclusion: I am a fan.

  2. Oh yes, and your header with Audrey Hepburn, Jimmer and all the other amazingness pretty much just rocked my world. :}

  3. Megan, you flatter me. If you won't laugh at my jokes, who else will?


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