sunday goals

7:39 PM

Sundays are my catch up days.  And when I say catch up, I don't mean catch up like I'm too far behind on my homework.  I'm talking about the emotional kind.  Sundays are where I "charge my battery", if you will. This is where I find the strength to make it through the next midterm-flooded week.  Somehow, I can only find this strength when my face meets my pillow, and that reunion usually happens for longer periods of time on Sundays.


One thing that usually goes down on Sundays is some sort of goals list.  This has since translated into something of a "word of the week."  So this week?

[it says prioritize]

"The things that matter most should never be at the mercy of the things that matter least." - Goethe

[Yeah, I just used an inspirational quote, don't judge me.]

But it's true stuff.  And I suck at that kinda stuff.  I procrastinate a lot, and when I procrastinate, I do useless crap.  I've gotten better since freshman year, but I still have a long ways to go.

Today, someone said that life never gets less busy.  For some reason, that kind of pinched a nerve slash made me feel super naïve.  I didn't REALLY think that my life would be suddenly less frantic after I get my undergrad, but I do often dream of semester ends and commitment-less weekends to do the things I want.  But even when in school, there are things that should not be forgotten.

Like family. And relationships.  And my church.  Cycle -> I have spiritual duties.  I sacrifice those for school.  I sacrifice school for dumb stuff.  Basically, I just need to replace the dumb stuff with ANYTHING else at this point.

There's never going to be a more "convenient time" to do those important things.  So I gotta start prioritizing to make sure that nothing important gets left forgotten.

And, for the record, I'm not THAT bad.  But I still need to do a lot better.

Thanks for listening, readers.  Much love, always.

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  1. No. Freakin. Joke. But I promise you, if you get the spiritual stuff done you'll feel a whole lot better about everything else, regardless of your performance. (Of course, you know that already.) Best of luck, chum. :)

  2. You speak truth, friend. I aim to do better. :)


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