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11:47 AM

RIP Steve Jobs.

You changed my life.

From my first iPod Mini (Blue), to my cherished 80 gig iPod Classic (Steve), to my current iPod Touch (Ferris).  

With this alone, my world was changed.  I got that first iPod when I was about thirteen.  (It's cool, back then mini's were hip).  Before that, I hardly remember listening to music.  I knew the radio stuff, I knew what my mom listened to.  But that iPod gave me freedom.  iPod+iTunes allowed me to discover my own taste, founded my love for the indie sound, and fostered my obsession for organizing my iTunes library.  Collecting music and making playlists became new hobbies.  Of all of Apple's products, iPod+iTunes were the most influential.  They revolutionized how the public experienced music.

[our old iMac, (Dan, he's since passed away), and my Macbook, (R2D2)]

I can't believe there was once a time that my family ran on a Windows 98.  I don't hate on PCs, I get why people would want to use them: I'm just not one of those people.  Steve Jobs changed the way that we interacted with computers.  They were no longer a thing of the workplace, but a thing for our daily lives.  I had always known enough to get me around a computer, [that IS my generation, after all], but once our beloved iMac came into our lives, I felt like the world opened up to me.  He's a marketing genius and a brilliant innovator and designer: he also made computers look GOOD for the first time.

He even had a hand in my other favorite company.  

How is this not inspirational?

Steve Jobs taught us to think different.  He was an inspiration to everyone.  Yeah, there may be tablets that are better than the iPad.  Yeah, PCs have caught up to Macs, and plenty of touch-screen phones may be easier than the iPhone.  But you can't deny that Apple did it first.  Technology was revolutionized on Apple's behalf.  And Steve Jobs is largely responsible.  

You won't be forgotten, Steve Jobs.  You knew what we needed before we needed it.  You envisioned the liberating future that is now our reality.  Thanks for everything, the world lost a great man.


Also, when I have money, I WILL have an iPhone.  My time will come.

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  1. As a MAC lady myself, I must agree.

    LOVE the new look of your blog!


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