6:59 PM

Today (and everyday) I am grateful for food.  

This post won't be half as exciting as it could be, since there will be no mouth-watering picture supplements.

But what else is new.  I suck at life documentation.

Yesterday, Maman, Sis, & Mads Babe [my niece] went on a girl date.  We topped off the long day at The Dodo, a Salt Lake restaurant that gave me food quadruplets.  Seriously, I ate so. much.  Squash coconut curry soup, pulled pork quesadilla, peanut butter cream cheese pie, chocolate almond mousse pie, & banana cream cheese pie with caramel sauce (we all shared desserts).  Party in my mouth.

Life is just so enjoyable when there is good food to be had.  I'm not really a Pinterest person, but I do love browsing through people's pins of the forty different ways to make red velvet cake & various other desserts.  I love food.

I love creating good food even if I never cook.
I love going home and eating ma maman's recipes.
I love the social aspect of dinner hour.
I love chocolate,
I love sushi,
I love strawberries,
I love ma'a Tahiti,
I love steak.
I love going out and enjoying some goodness with muh friends.
I love traveling and trying new, unthinkable foods in foreign countries [fa fa ru]

Because, let's face it, we have to eat so we might as well eat deliciously.

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  1. I like... 2nd this to the umpth degree. What is life without food! 0_o You stole my next post idea though, you butt. ;)

  2. Hmmm, ditto. I love food so much I watch The Foot Network when there's nothing much else on television. I mean, I could just stare at food.

  3. Srsly, man. I could definitely stare at food. Eye candy and mouth candy. Thanks for stopping by!


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