7 and counting

11:26 AM

days.  7 days.  That... um, that's what the post title is referring to.  7 days.  Like, today is Thursday, and a week from today is next Thursday, and next Thursday is Thanksgiving.  So, like basically, it's telling you that I'm counting the days down until Thanksgiving.

I probably didn't need to explain that to you.  Sorry.


Ahem.  Sorry.  Sensory overload.

Turkey day is basically the greatest thing that could ever come to interrupt a semester pre-finals.  (Because my school decided to be different and omit a fall break... even though every other university in the country actually takes pity on the poor, hard-working college students and, like, gives them the break they deserve... Stupid BYU).  But srsly guys, I love Thanksgiving.  ODing on stuffing and pie - life doesn't get better than that.

In honor of Thanksgiving, imma follow the trend of the blog-o-sphere, and do a seven days of gratitude.  Because in my selfish life of a college student, I often forget to smell the roses.  Life's kinda pretty sometimes, and there are a lot of things to be grateful for.

I am grateful for [#1] my childhood friends.  Today marks the day where one of my bestest friends, Ben Nelson, left on his mish to Taiwan last year.  (he's been gone a year already?!)  In two more months, Scott James will have been out a year in Portugal, and Mike Nay has been in the Philippines for just a couple months.  I didn't realize how golden these three friends were until they were gone.  All three of them are such examples to me, and they are doing some great work for the church in their respective countries.  I'm really proud of them, and I'm really grateful that I surrounded myself with such strong peeps in my growing years.

[I just can't believe that Ben's been gone a YEAR.  It seems like yesterday that he left... oh em gee.]

Also, Christmas is right around the corner.  And I frickin love Christmas.  So here's some sentiment to get you excited for the holidays.  (I love Comms.  We watch youtube videos for our homework.  It's cool).

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