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Sorry the blogging has been slow going, folks.  I've had an extremely busy week.  Maybe I'll tell you about it one of these days (it'd be a strange change to actually talk about my life on this thing, right?)  Sometimes I wish that blogging were actually my priority, and not schoolwork.  But let me first talk about two great things I accomplished in this lovely month of November.

BAM.  I finished a journal.  Whuttttt's up unbelievers.

Yes, my journal's name was Gryffindor.  I usually called him Godric.

And this new one's name is Bruce Wayne.

I feel like I'm revealing way too many personal things in this entry.  Like... that I name my journals.

That's how you know it's mine.  Ohshoot.  I told you my middle name too.  This is so awkward.

I've had an on/off relationship with life documenting/journal writing.  I know because I just re-read all of my journals.  It's why I'm 11-years-old on page 55 and 14-years-old on page 56 of my puppy-dog journal.  And it's also why I remain 18-years-old for, like 400 pages... or whatever.

[Also, if you have old journals from when you're, like, 6 - plz gos re-read thems.  Kids say the darndest things, and you probs did too.]

Unedited Lauren quotes:

"Today I went to church, Brooke fixed me up."

"Thiss morning for sum reason it herts to chue.  Whell I coud chue in the wayyyyyy back of my teeth."

"Then I got in the tub I got a rash on my boddem.  Mom says I have pretty sensative skin."

"But I lost my Racket ball!  And it was my only wone!  And I loved!  I wish I I didn't lose it."

"We played a game the she needs to have a baby taken out. (Whuttt?)  Then I went to Nellie's house.  First we started to play with her frog.  He was going crazy!  When we went on the grass. He went jumpedie jump!  We couldn't catch him!  But luckely we caught him."

I also love that I use words like "nummy nummy!" and address my entries with "Dear friends," and close them with "and then I wrote in my journal."


If there's one thing I've learned about growing up, it's that all of that time you spent making fun of your parents for forgetting things comes to bite you in the butt.  I have definitely experienced this phenomenon.  There are so many things that I swore I would remember forever, but I actually, like, forgot.  For example, I know that I had the kuhh-raziest student teacher in my Spanish class sophomore year of high school.  That's also the only thing I remember about my Spanish class student teacher: that he was kuhhrazy.  I could shoot myself in the big toe for neglecting to write down every detail to that saga (it was totally epic, I promise - just don't ask me why).

When I lived in Tahiti, I associated a lot with senior missionaries (a different post for a different time).  Diane Stone was the Temple president's wife at the beginning of my stay there, and she was a great role model for me.  (I could also do a post about that woman, because she is srsly amazing).  I remember nearly every time she would see me she'd hug me tight, look me deep in the eyes with her bright blues and speak directly to my soul, "Lauren, you are such a lucky girl.  Your experiences here are so incredibly precious and will impact you for the rest of your life.  Are YOU writing in your JOURNAL?"

"Uhmmm, uhmm, yeah, um, yeahno?"

Let's just say that I have several entries that begin with "So I talked to Sister Stone today..."

I actually had no intention of making this post about journal writing.  But kids, write in your journals.  I am so sad that my entire high school existence is undocumented save the few six-month wrap ups ("So, I made the basketball team..." yeah, I remember that part, ya dork).  I'm grateful for the bits that I did write down.

And I feel supes accomplished for finishing that journal.  He was a great pal.

Umm, secondly... I learned how to solve a Rubik's cube.


And no, I don't need to write 16 paragraphs about it.

Just, like, praise me or whatever.  I can now do something that every Asian kid was born doing.  (SarKar taught me how.  She's soooo good).

And, as if you didn't get enough youtube lovin' yesterday...
"guess why i smile a lot? uhh, cuz it's worth it."

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  1. Heh heh... journals... I totally know what you mean. 0_o Most of my entries are 2-3 bits apart. My favorite to read are high school. XP Really? I'm trying to be more consistent, but lately my journals have been ALL spiritual and no regular stuff. And I worry that my future posterity will be less excited about such things...

  2. I know, I wish I kept a better journal in high school! I basically have two, like, ten page summaries... but it's all the stuff I remember. "I played basketball. I moved to Tahiti. I was in 10th grade." Sad days :( Your posterity will appreciate your spirituality. And luckily you have your blog too that has more "secular" stuff, or whatever you want to call it.


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