happy thanksgiving (:

9:05 PM

Yup, we're that family that goes to a church cuz of all the people.

Mmm. Food baby.

As a side note, I love how well the entire Thanksgiving ensemble compliments one another.  Turkey+gravy+potatoes+stuffing=a concoction from the gods.  I firmly believe foods should not mix if they are not meant to.  My salad & jello were definitely on a different plate.  

[And yes, we're mormons with jello - nbd).

Today I'm grateful for the little things:
-hot chocolate
-good conversation
-a warm house
-a dishwasher
-kids' laughter
-good movies
-warm pajama pants
-good smelling books
-life savers (the mints)
-advice from mom
-good health
-being able to teach karate
-the chance to get a good education
-dogs... not that I have one
-christmas decorations
-grilled cheese sandwiches
-cell phones
-my laptop
-indie music
-harry potter
-tv shows
-fall leaves
-the piano
-being bilingual

More to come! Happy Thanksgiving eerbody!

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