i would instagram about this if i could

5:19 PM

For someone who wants to be a Comms major, I have a CRAPPY phone.  I'm supposed to be super hip & trendy about tech right?  iPhones?  Instagram?  Twitter?

[confession: i tweet on my lappy.  yeah, i'm that girl that can't even tweet on the go.  like any normal kid.]


That sentence would probably mean a lot more were it not for the 85% of college students who have a smart phone at the very least.

But here's what happened.  I was living in Tahiti, right?  And in the isles, I didn't have a phone of my own.  So once the shock excitement of being accepted to the Y wore off, we were frantically taking care of the logistical side of errthing.  There were phones & comps to be bought, bank accounts to open, apartments to find, roommates to choose, all that stuff.  [yeahyeahs, I know you did it too, but I was doing all this stuff overseas.  So it was harder.  Just believe me.]  Were I like any normal kid, I would have already had a phone - and probs a better one than I do now - so that wouldn't necessarily factor into all that new junk.  But when you're buying a new phone on top of every other expense, you actually take into consideration the price.  Sooo, I figured that a nice computer>nice phone [and I wouldn't trade R2 for anything, he's been a great compy] so I took the frugal road and saved my pennies with the free phone.

And it was worth every penny.

[that's a joke.  cuz, like, i didn't spend anything on it.  so it was worth nothing.  ha ha.  haha.  ha. yeah. funny.]

I digress.

My phone has affectionately been dubbed Goyle.  [SarKar's is Crabbe.]  I would say that I call him Greg(ory) whenever he's a good boy, but that is rare.  So he's just Goyle.  He's been a fine phone for the past year & a half, minus a few lost texts & zero bells&whistles.  But kseriously: this is the 21st century: I should be able to send & receive picture messages.

Yeah, that just happened.

MY PHONE WON'T SEND PICTURE MESSAGE NOMORES.  Still worse, is I can't receive them.  What phone nowadays can't receive picture messages?  That is sooo 2006.  Like, that was the FIRST cool thing phones could do.  My MOM'S phone can do that.  My DAD'S phone can do that!!  Actually, I'm pretty sure every phone can do that.  Except, apparently, mine.  A year's worth of wear & tear and one of its most basic functions is ripped out of use.  Real cool, Samsung.  Real cool.

I want an iPhone.  Oh do I want an iPhone.  When is my T-Mobile contract up again?  Because what if, just what if, someone, like my best friend or whatever, gets engaged - sends a picture of the ring to me - and the only way I'll know is through Facebook, five hours after all the "in crowd."  End of the world right there.


I know.

But I still want an iPhone.

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  1. Now now, Smitts, where is that sense of entitlement going to take you? ;) Haha. I actually don't have a phone. Haven't for a few months. The only thing I miss is not being able to call people in a tough spot. But even then, it's never as desperate as I think.

    But you're right, a Comms major might need a nice phone. ;)

  2. Haha. Yeah... I know... It's stupid... I'm sorry you're without a phone. I feel refreshed sometimes when I don't have one, but then after one day I start to feel antsy. But, like I said, first world problems.

  3. ha, trust me, i was always the one that had the brick of a phone with the only apps being call and text message. not even email. FINALLY for my birthday this year i got my iPhone. biggest blessing ever. once you go to the dark side though you'll never be able to go back ;)
    xo TJ

  4. That sounds like my phone! I would love to convert to the dark side... I just need to wait for my contract to be up & earn the money!


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