monday morning

6:38 PM

And by Monday morning, I mean Monday evening.  On my bed.  Eating Cheez-Its & stumbling through my big French paper that's due at 9 am tomorrow.  But I just love that song by Death Cab: "and while the glow of youth in time eludes, it's burning on inside of you, it all began on a monday morning..."  Only Ben Gibbard could add a sliver of hope to the Mondays that I loathe.  He makes it seem like Mondays are the beginning to a great adventure.  I'd like to think that he wrote this song about growing old with Zooey.    And then they, like, broke up.  That's still the worst news everrr.

But speaking of Zooey, I'm totally into She & Him's Christmas album.  I lurve this "Christmas Waltz" song.  Post Thanksgiving and I'm all over the holiday tunes.  This year I was almost tempted to bring in the x-mas cheer earlier because I'm THAT excited about it. ... but I couldn't bring myself to do it [old habits die hard annnnnd i still believe in giving Thanksgiving its appreciation.]  But I am ALL over the Christmas thing this year because my family's gons be togeths and there's gons be SNOW.  [aka, not Tahiti.  I know, I know, who doesn't want to go to Tahiti for Christmas, but I like a conventional holiday, thankyouverymuch.]


Christmas made it to the HBLL.  When I asked Sarah what the big red thing was called, she said "pajamas."  So I asked, "well duhh, but isn't thurr another name?"  "Pajahmas?" Either way, I like that there's an adult sized.. pajahma suit thing on this tree.

I partied it up at the HBLL.  I hadn't really studied here since freshman year.  I feel like I'm a real college student when I study in a library.  I love the 'i'm-stressed-but-it's-okay' feel that is always hanging around.  There's almost a natural sense of camaraderie that comes with being surrounded by my peers who are just as stressed out as I am.  I feel like I'm a part of something.  Like we'll all conquer that finals battle together.  And by conquer finals, I mean they will conquer us.


Christmas lights have hit campus.  ILOVETWINKLELIGHTS.  It's, like, my most favoritest thing about the holiday (besides the Jesus part I mean).  Don't judge me if I let out a lil squeal anytime I encounter such sparkly beauty.

Even Coldplay, reading my mind like always, wrote a song about them:

So Ben Gibbard, maybe you were right.  Mondays aren't always so bad.

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