[numero trois]

11:56 PM

I am grateful for entertainment && the media.  Yeah boyyy.

There's nothing like an episode of Parks & Rec or Arrested Development to perk me up after a long school day.

I can't imagine studying without some Mumford & Sons to ease my stresses.

I doubt I could go one day without having at least ONE conversation about film.  I love going to escape in a movie theater and losing myself in the story and connecting with the characters on screen.

I love the power behind a story.  My hopes and dreams open up to me in the pages of a novel.  Man, I wish I had more time to read now.

The thrill of screaming my guts out at a basketball game is like none other.

I love feeling empowered by reading the news.  I feel like I can make a difference the more I learn about my country and the world I live in.

Everyone needs a little distraction sometimes.  I'm so glad that there are movies, books, music, sports, and TV are there to facilitate dreaming big, to laugh and escape from the world, and to inspire me to do better.

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