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So there's this guy.  And by guy I mean boy, and by boy I mean kid.  Meredith (co-textbookee) and I have dubbed him "Smiley Boy."  He is so called because his baby face is perpetually painted with an open-mouthed smile, and no I'm not even joking.  He's got sandy blond hair, rosy cheeks, and baby blue eyes that glisten.  His scruff-less face makes him look like he's fourteen.  I know that I was a freshman only a year ago, but they just seem so much younger (psh, I was never that wide-eyed).  And Smiley Boy is so adorable, I just want to squeeze those seemingly pre-pubescent cheeks and coddle him as though he were seven.  All while he validates me with smiley compliments.

Smiley Boy first entered our lives at (where else), the text desk.  Magic happens at the BYU Bookstore.  We don't know that much about Smiley Boy, except that he's taking a chemistry class.  He asked a lot of typical freshman questions ("Oh, so do you happen to carry the book for my Chemistry class?  Oh, thank you very much.  Wow, it's two hundred dollars?  Oh, do you, um, do you, like, sell used books?  Um, would you be able to find all of my other books for me?")  

He's just so innocent and pure.  I wish he were my baby.  Brother.  Baby brother.  

Also, I see Smiley Boy all over campus.  You know what I'm talking about?  Those people that you see all the time, but you have actually never met?  You feel me?  I can think of at least three other fellow BYUers that I see, like, all the time, all over campus.  There's this one girl with red curly hair and sweat pants that I have seen in literally every building.  I finally just asked her for her name when she came to the text floor for the third time in one week.  She told me a story about an animal shelter and saving cute kittens or something.  Then there's this one guy that I used to always pass on my way to work.  He was pretty fine looking, and we would awkwardly smile at each other every time we passed.  One time he said "Hey."  One time I said, "How's it going?"  One time I tried to say "Hey" but then I broke into a fit of giggles and the moment was over.  One time I had a dream about us crossing paths and accidentally touching hands.  I never saw him after that.

But you know what I'm talking about, though... you've been there before.  We've all been that customer at Wal-Mart who exchanges weird eye flutters with the greeter.  

But none of those regulahs bring the excitement like seeing Smiley Boy.  

Sometimes Meredith and I will text each other "Smiley Boy Sightings."  

"Omg, I just saw Smiley Boy playing frisbee at Helaman Halls.  So hot."
"Aww, he's making friends!"

"Definitely just saw Smiley Boy putting the moves on a certain Smiley Girl in the Benson building."
"That is so adorable.  I hope he holds her hand."

Okay guys, calm down.  I'm no cougar.  And this obsession is totally healthy.  And not as weird as it seems, you would get it if you just SAW that baby face.  All of this does have a point too, I promise.

I often see Smiley Boy near the Benson building.  I have deduced that he has a class right after mine.   I saw him yesterday.  It made my little heart flutter (but not like that).  This is where things get weird.  I kind of creeped on him a little.  As in, I followed him all the way past the Eyring Science Center [ESC].  He was talking to a smiley girl, and they were smiling at each other and blushing and making eyes and I loved every second of it.  Ahhh, young love.  (Shut up, I know I'm only a year older).  

As we rounded the corner to head towards the Wilk[inson Student Center], Smiley Boy stopped.  With a slightly distraught (but still ever-smiling) look on his face, he bent over and picked up an empty Coke can.  Then he walked a few more feet and picked up a stray piece of paper.  Then he looked around him, picked up a few more pieces of trash, and retreated the fifteen feet back to the garbage can and threw everything away.  Then he went on his merry way with smiley girl at his side.

For cuuuuutess right?

But srsly.  Everything that I hoped and dreamed about Smiley Boy was brought to a riveting confirmation with this kind act of service.  He loves the Earth!  He's righteous!  I don't even think he was showing off for his lady friend!  He picked up that Coke can like it were part of his daily routine, as though it were perfectly normal to circle around like a dog chasing his tail and pick up every crumb left by the 30,000 that attend here.  And I was like "duuuuuuude, I think I dropped my Starburst wrapper the other day without picking it up, I feel awful."  Gotta go repent.

[This is the part where I wrap everything up and bring it to a point]

So.  numbah two.  I'm grateful for the helpful, supportive, serviceable people of the world.  This might seem like an odd thing to be grateful for, but this has actually been buzzing through my mind a lot lately.  There are a lot of selfish people out there (myself definitely included).  But I am grateful for people like my roommate who takes the time to do the dishes when absolutely no one else in the house wanted to go near them with a twenty-foot pole.  I'm grateful for coworkers who don't hesitate to help out with the dirty work, I'm grateful for people who hold doors open and don't let you face plant into plexiglas.  I'm grateful for my visiting teachers [I can't believe I'm saying this] who text me to wish me well in my week.  I'm grateful for a mom who shares her brownies with my apartment.  I'm grateful for smiley boys who pick up the trash when they were probably late for their American Heritage lab.

Tagged along with that, I'm grateful for smiley people.  Positivity is so contagious.  Smiley Boy is our shining example.  I love the positive people that will actually make eye contact with me and, like, smile when they pass me.  It's good for morale in this cold weather!

I bet Smiley Boy gives really good hugs too.  He seems like he'd be that kind of guy.

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