so this one time i bought a dress

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[photo cred: SarKar]

I didn't wear makeup until I was sixteen years old.
I wore a t-shirt and basketball shorts or jeans every day of my teenage years.
My hair never left its ponytail.

I've come a long way, baby.

I, like, wear dresses sometimes now.

Though fashion will never be my thing, I do appreciate people who dress well.  I follow many a fashion blog and I love to look at people that have a knack for putting an outfit together.  I've just never been able to say, "Oh! That ugly grandma sweater that I found at DI will go PERFECT with this necklace and cheetah-print vest."  I just think it should go to my grandma.  Or perhaps my dog.  But hey, that's why this isn't a fashion blog.  That and I still wear jeans every day of my life.

Anyway.  Over the weekend, as I mentioned earlier, I went shopping at the outlet mall with maman, sis, & Mads Babe in Park City.  My one goal: find a dress.  Or at least something dressy.  Because I should probs go on What Not to Wear with how bad I look on Sundays.

After hours of browsing, Brooke found this gem in Banana Republic.  The Audrey Hepburn dress.  Well, Sis, I owe you.  I have never been more excited about an article of clothing before.  I feel independent.  I feel confident.  I feel pretty.

I also feel super girly.  I slap myself on the wrist.  I'm still a tomboy at heart.  My hair still looks best in a ponytail.  Plz don't call me a poser.  Or a conformist.  Even though I'm definitely both of those things.

Sunday went something like this, "Sarahhhhh, will you plz take my picture? Because I need to document this moment where I look super hott."
Sarah: "Can I take, like, 40 pictures?"
Sarah is a great photographer.  And a great friend.

Also, I don't think I can say it enough times, I LUV MY GURLZ.  It was soo fun to have Maddie come with us.  We had lots of bonding ops.  I also didn't know a seven year old was capable of being patient through four hours of shopping.  But patient she was, always willing to share her opinions on our outfit selections.

This is also fitting because this girl's birthday is today.  I told her that I would buy her a piece of jewelry as an early birthday present, so I told her to pick out a little somethin' somethin' from one of the stores that we long-tarried in.
Me: "Which one do you like best?"
Maddie: "Um, well, I don't know, I like this one.  And I like this one.  And this one."
Me: "Well, would you like a bracelet, or maybe a necklace?"
Maddie: "Oh, actually maybe I kind of want a ring."
Me: "Maddie, do you even wear rings?"
Maddie: "Oh, well, I actually don't ever wear rings.  So maybe a bracelet is better."

She also informed me after our impromptu whistling duet of Jingle Bells, "Wow, you're kind of bad!  But only because you're tired I guess."  It's cool, my niece is a better whistler than me.

We played 20 questions and Simon Says.  She played with my necklace and camera.  She always held my hand and gave me hugs and kisses ("I wanted to see if the kiss mark would show up on your cheek.")  I love how she ALWAYS talks in extremes "This store is kind of nice, but also really ugly."  "Aren't these man clothes?"  "This is BEAUTIFUL.  But why are we in this section?  These clothes are really ugly."  "Why are we always looking at GROWN UP CLOTHES??"

That girl is adorable.  She makes shopping way better.

And may Audrey ever influence my lifestyle.

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