thanksgiving #6

8:09 PM

Just ignore that I look, like, terrible compared to Meredith.  We were just matching. And it was exciting.  We had matching shoes too, though you can't tell.

Moving on.  I am so grateful for my job.   It's a job.  But even more than just having something to pay the bills, I have a really great job too.  I remember when I was little coming to the bookstore with my mom and reading for hours (and by hours, I mean ten minutes while she browsed).  I never knew that I would one day work at that favorite place of mine.

This December marks the year anniversary from when I was first hired at the BYU Bookstore.  So much has changed since I started.  I got hired right after Mr. Benjamin went into the MTC, which meant that I was in a time of serious transition.  Not only did I find a convenient job with flexible hours, but I found an entirely new friends group.  I didn't anticipate that my new job would ease all Ben-less transition woes with the completely awesome people that I am pleased to call my friends.

[this is the part where i wish i had a picture of e'erbody.  i'm sorry, i really will work on this whole picture thing] 

Even when things like this happen:
Big cart of books of 300 books... only about a foot of available shelf space...

It's even better when this happens when Dan's at lunch and Meredith is in Phoenix.  So you get to put them all away by yourself.... Love that.

This is just a golden moment to make up songs about books.  I definitely do that a lot.  Most of them include the repeated phrase "I love books."  

But even with the not-so-fun moments, I love work.  And I love joking with my friends.  Meredith, Ross, Jed, Meghan, Garrison, Katherine, Jordan - I love you all.  

I really am lucky.

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