gratitude #7

6:46 PM

I am grateful for my family.

I don't know what I would do without them.

They are responsible for the person I am today, and each one of them has taught me something worth learning.

My Dad is a great leader.  From him I learned to always keep God in my life, to work & study hard, to make quick decisions and be disciplined in my goal setting.  

From My Mom I learned to love learning.  She knows more about, well, everything than anyone I've ever known.  She taught me to appreciate every moment, to love reading, movies, and all other art forms,  and to make the most of opportunities.

Brooke taught me patience & kindness.  As a mother of four, she exercises patience basically every second of every day of her life.  I am amazed at how she never fails to speak with kindness to her children, regardless of their mischief.   From Brooke I also learned to have joy in the journey: her outlook on life is so positive.

This poor photo of Rich [though i adore noelle's hand on his thigh], only exemplifies the quality I admire most about him: from Rich I learned true generosity.  I have no pictures of him because he is always willing to sacrifice his time for Brooke to come to Smith family functions.  He is a generous father and really sacrifices to spend play time with his kids.  I admire that so much.  

Adam taught me how to enjoy life & play hard.  I learned to love basketball because of Adam, something that now defines me.  Games, movies, talking, and music are all 80% more fun when he's around (and a card game is more than just a card game).  When he does something, he puts his whole heart into it, and I know that he doesn't take friendships or family members for granted.  He's got my back.

My family is everything to me.  
Thanks guys.

[on a side note, yes, that picture of a year and a half ago is our most recent family photo.  it's not like we weren't all together six months ago or anything... my family is just as bad as i am about life documenting, srsly.]

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