trick or treat

11:41 AM

[Sarah was a panda, Lauren was a hippie - photo cred&camera: SarKar]

Halloween is boss.  I totally forgot how much I love this holiday until, like, this weekend.

Also, trick-or-treating is the greatest.  Don't judge me.  I'm twenty years old and I'm going trick-or-treating.  It's cool.  But seriously, it's so great.  It's free CANDY, man.  I've got my lunches planned out for two weeks now!  I also made five bucks.  My buddy and I just needed to name all ten commandments.  With a quick phone-a-friend, we were in for the big bucks.  Don't tell me it wasn't worth it.  No one even told us we were too old.  Though I did get an egg thrown square at my bicep.  I don't think it had anything to do with my age, though.

[photo cred&camera: SarKar]

I was lame this year. And by lame, I mean super lame.  Like I said, I forgot Halloween even existed until last Saturday.
Here's all the things that I didn't do this year that I vow to do next year::
~Watch Halloween movies
~Carve a pumpkin
~Go to a Haunted House or Corn Maze (I did make it to a recycling maze this year, and that was fun)
~Decorate my apartment
~Plan my costume more than two days ahead of time
~Eat something Halloween-esque
~Go trick or treating with my nieces and nephews (if they're still in Utah, because 21 will def be too old to trick-or-treat by myself).

[photo cred&camera: SarKar] The hippie goes to Paris.

Also, I'm still being pretty terrible about taking my own pictures.  But here you get to see just how awesome Sarah is at photography.  

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