a walmart black friday

11:41 AM

I had never done the whole Black Friday thing before.  But when Sis invited me to hit up the 10 pm Walmart sale, I couldn't say no.  I feel like I lived a little bit more last night, it was such an adventure and an interesting study on humanity.  Here are a few things I learned:

  1. It's TOTAL chaos.  This, I only assumed from what I already knew about Black Friday and several viewings of Jingle All the Way.  There's pushing and shoving, stand still body traffic, and general unpleasantness.  Terrorists, if you ever want to bomb us again, Walmart on Black Friday will probs provide for the most casualties.  
  2. With that, you can never just turn around mid-aisle.  Once you decide on a direction, you can't go against the flow.  I basically had to circle the entire store just to get back to Brooke while she stood in line.
  3. All Walmart stereotypes are multiplied by 4000 on Black Friday.  Weird guys with fohawks/mohawks/mullets/?  Girls in nuthin but their camis & booty shorts?  Emo couples?  The entire Mexican population of Utah county?  You know what I'm talking about.  (and I mean everything in the nicest, least judgmental way possible).
  4. Impulse buying is REAL.  They get you with the 3 hour wait in line.  "After staring at the Lisa Frank makeup set for 30 minutes, I've realized that I actually NEED it.  That and Inception for $5 even though I already own it.  Ooh, or these chocolate-raspberry sticks.  Or that Transformers toy."  Yepp.
  5. Don't get in the wrong line.  Not that we really could have known better but still... we were in line a really long time.
  6. You bond with whom you wait.  I met Rocky, who is named after Rocky Balboa and who's favorite movie is A Christmas Story - he and his wife were there with their four month old twin babies.  We shared a cart with a lovely lone woman from Salt Lake who had been waiting for HOURS.  You gotta keep entertained for that long wait.  Rocky had the most quirky sense of humor.  Holding up his own child he loudly asked, "Did anyone lose a baby?"  
  7. Unless there's something that you are absolutely dying for, go later.  Wait until the lines die down, and just stop by quickly to see what deals are still available.  If people decide they don't want it, they just throw it in the middle of the aisle anyway.
  8. The best and worst of humanity show through on Black Friday.  You hear about the pepper spray incident?  I didn't see anything that ruthless, but I saw plenty of pushing and heard a few snide remarks.  However, I also saw people looking out for one another.  One guy came up to us with a printer and said, "I heard you were interested in these, here's one if you want to buy it."  People aren't so bad after all.
Everything was so hilarious.  Brooke and I could not stop laughing on the car ride home at 1:30 am.  This will definitely be a great memory, and perhaps I'll do it again next year.  

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