bye bye to the too good to be true kind of love

7:56 PM

Christmas as a college student is bittersweet.  Especially when you're a college student whose parents live just outside of your college town. So that campus job that's so convenient during the school year?  yupp, you get to keep that perfect job over the holidays. And work everyday including Christmas Eve (who buys textbooks on Christmas eve? no one does).

Two weeks.  Two friggin weeks of pseudo relaxation that can't even be fully appreciated because of that little thing we call Christmas.  Because let's face it, Christmas is kind of a stressful time.  You have to buy presents for people (and by "have to" I mean you "get to") and you can't just willy nilly run to Walmart and grab something on the 24th.  If you have a soul, presents are going to take more thought than that, and if your life is anything like mine you don't actually have the time to put into that thought. 

So you're going to end up willy nilly deciding on the last day anyway.
[a problem that's kiiind of stressing me out because i like to give thoughtful presents]

Also, if you're like my family, there are meals to think of, activities to arrange, and more food to think of.  So this whole week is full of planning. and shopping. and planning. But, Christmas is fast-approaching (and I know I'm nowhere near ready - is your dad as difficult to shop for as mine is? because seriously). Then, come Sunday, it'll all be over.  That's when the REAL vacation begins.  The stress will wash away, and I will finally find my well-deserved break after a difficult semester.

But, oh wait.  One week later and BAM I'm back in the hell-hole that is school. If I ever thought fall was bad, winter is worse. It's cold. The only holidays are Martin Luther & Presidents Day. BYUDOESNT EVENGETASPRINGBREAK. Getting out of bed is like prying the freakin ring of power from Gollum because your bed is just so warm and so loving. And two weeks is NEVER enough time to recover from the previous semester's wounds.

I finally forced myself to take a look at my books for next semester. Lucky for me, I don't have the added stress of wondering how to afford those disgraces to a poor man's pocket book (bookstore perks yeah babyyy), but the books are nothing more than a symbol of how soon I actually have to worry about school again.

Void, are you sick of me talking about school?  Because I'm sick of it too.  Sorry.  It's kind of on my mind, or whatever.  Bad grades will do that to you.

Let's talk Christmas rill quick.

Celine Dion v. Josh Groban?
Josh Groban, dude.  And I'm only partially saying that out of bitterness to the Bookstore playing Celine's Christmas album on repeat.

Did you ever believe in Santa?
Still do, chup.

If you could get anything for Christmas, what would it be?
Ha. A car duhh. But since that ain't happenin', then peace on earth and stuff. Maybe some socks.

There should be much of it.  And none of it should be good for you.

Snow or no snow?
Always snow.

Are Christmas lights, like, the best thing ever?
Yes. No further questions, your honor.

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