the first [and probably last] diy post

2:31 PM

Yeah. I'm being that girl right now.  That blogger.  That annoying crafty blogger.  That posts five times a day to show off the crafts she made to make her life easier & cuter.  That blogger who makes her life seem perfect because her kitchen is more organized than all of those "normal" mommies out there.  "Hey look guys!  Look!  Doesn't this purple ribbon add SO MUCH to this black suitcase I take all over the world?  I think it adds a girly touch that makes me feel soooo feminine."  Dude, it's a suitcase.  No one cares.

And if I showed you my kitchen & my room, you would KNOW that I'm not REALLY that girl.

But while I'm not crafty & will probably never be that girl who knits or sews or adds little accents to their heating vents, I DO like being organized.

[yep.  this post is basically about everything i love & hate about pinterest]

Besides the whole marriage thing, I do look forward to having a home of my own one day that will look so good.  And it will be organized.  Unlike my mother, I am not a saver & never have been.  If there isn't a need, it goes.  I like my ducks in a row.  If there's not a folder for that paper - throw it out.  If it's still something I want, then it goes on R2 (my comp).

I'm also a poor college student.  And can't really afford spending on neato organizer bins that would make my life LOTS easier.

So there I was.  Fumbling through my plastic baggie to get out some earrings.

And they were all tangled together in one BIG mess.  I hate that.  It makes my insides turn over lots.  My OCD gods shout in fury.  SHOUT.  Can gods shout?  Well, they were shouting at me.  So I finally was like, "hey now earrings.  you guys are never going to dog pile ever again."

So then I was like, hey Mr. Benjamin.  I know our sophomore prom picture is great.  but this cheapo black frame thing adds nothing to our beautiful faces.  So I'm just gons take it.

And so I stabbed it.  with my green push pin.

And then my ducks were in a row.  BAM.

Don't hate on my earring collection.  I only started wearing them, like, a year ago.  Even though I got them pierced when I was 12.  #tomboyproblems

So guys.  I DidItMyself.  Haters gonna hate.  But no, this blog is not going to turn into that blog.  And this girl is still not that girl.  Just a little bit more.

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  1. what a genius idea! i love finding fun little things to make my house that much more awesome! and for cheeeaaapp!! :)


  2. Cheap is the key, didn't cost me a thing! :) Thank you so much for stopping by!


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