the most wonderful time of the year

1:53 AM

Ohhhh .... awkward.  You thought I was talking about Christmas, didn't you?  That's super funny.  You would think that, you're such an optimist.  No, I'm definitely talking about finals.  Final papers, final projects, final... tests...

The nightly essentials: quesadilla. blue bunny ice cream (fav right next to ben & jer), & ice.  Yes, I crunch ice.  It's my worst habit.  I know.  But if it weren't ice, it would be potato chips.  Or another cup of ice cream.  And I could never face being fat.

Llamas with ties.  Ohhhhh yeahsss.  BYU Men's Chorus did a performance in the Riverwoods.  With some llamas.  [sorry the pic is blurry - my hands were FREEZING.]

These llamas come with an association called "Carollama."  About a year ago, NellBell & I had an encounter with this assoc.  I speak with caution, since I really have nothing against caroling with llamas.  That's super cute, or whatever.  But Nell & I sat through one of the most awkward conversations of our lives on behalf of those animals.

So there we were, two innocent, unsuspecting freshmen who get cornered by, well, not a freshman.  "Can I just ask you girls a few questions?"

[All the other dudes we were with, Nell's brother & his friends, left in a scuffle.  Real cool, guys.  Real cool.]

[paraphrased & embellished & exaggerated] "So llamas bring the Christmas spirit better than ANYTHING [insert stat about llama happiness here], and I would love it if you would consider doing some caroling with llamas for a ward activity."
Me: "Well, we're not on the activity's committee or anything."
Him: "Well, could you just suggest it to them, or better yet, to your bishop?  It's for a really good cause."
Me, thinking: I know you explained that good cause probably five times, but I don't actually remember what it is.
Me, for reals: "Well, what do the llamas do?"
Him: "They just accompany you while you share some Christmas joy to homes around Utah County."
Me: "Oh, so they don't, like, dance?"
Nellie: "Yeah, we'll like ask, can we just leave now?"
Him: "Yeah, of course of course.  But can I have your girls' phone numbers first?  That way we can keep in touch about our future llama events."
Me&Nellie: You're sure this is just about llamas?

Maybe if they had hats I'd be more convinced.  But srsly, who just decides to make llamas their living? But then again, people do a lot of crazy things.  Either way, I saw some llamas tonight, and that was great.  Though nothing could really kill my mood when in the midst of all those twinkle lights.

Also, life is tough when all the people you're with take pictures.  SarKar has all the good ones.  Like of us.  With llamas.

So I guess I did talk about Christmas didn't I?  Funny.

In other news, my lovely roommate Jessica FOUND MY HOUSE KEY THAT HAD BEEN MISSING FOR THREE MONTHS.  Did I think I checked the couch four thousand times?  Yes.  Was it in the couch?  Yes.  Fail.  But I'm soo glad I didn't need to buy a new key.  I've just been conveniently coming home when other people are more likely to be there.  I'm sooo over that lifestyle.

Well friends, this little break from studying has been grand.  I apologize if I don't post very regularly right now... finals & stuff.  It's cool.  But happy studying to all, and to all a good night.

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  1. oh my gosh, i saw those llamas crossing 9th east the other day and wondered what they were for. now i know.
    oh, and ice cream is always a studying essential! good luck with finals!!
    xo TJ

  2. glad i could update you on the latest in llama news.
    and thanks!! I really need it! :)


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