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9:45 PM

Last night I saw The Kooks in concert.  Those Brits know how to put on a good show, and by "those Brits" I mean this Brit, Luke Pritchard.

It was a party with SarKar & her friend (and my friend!) Lindsey from Sarah's hometown.  Concerts are so entertaining, if only for the people watching.  We were really close to the front, so we were up in eerbody's grill most of the night.  But even before the opening band, there was this one chick (top right, sorry it's a blurry pic) whose huge hair bun was all up in my face.  [brown blur/monstrosity=her hair.]  She was completely unaware of, like, me and it was incredibly entertaining to be nuzzled every 0.2 seconds with her messy 'do.  Also, there was this awkward white boy attempting a dance off with a black diva.  He knew how to shake it like... a white boy.  But that didn't stop him from going all out.

The opening band: Yawn (yup, that's for reals).  From Chicago.  They were great.

Also, I know it's 4th grade, but I tied my jacket around my waist.  We had to wait outside before, okay?  We later found out there was a coat rack.  Oh well.

On the drive up, Sarah asked us what we hoped they would play.  Our responses:

SarKar: "Shine On"
LoSmi: "Naive"
Lindsey: "Junk of the Heart" &/or "Seaside"

Check check check check.

As stated, "Naive" is my favorite, it was the first Kooks song I ever heard.  It was the LAST song they performed of the ENCORE.  I let out an uninhibited squealscreamshriek like a true groupie & could FINALLY sing along to every word.  Ah, amazing.

Other songs I loved, "She Moves in Her Own Way," "How'd You Like That," "Runaway" & "Always Where I Need to Be."

I love concerts, guys.  They make me feel alive.  I miss summer so much, where there were concerts all the time!

On a similar note, why can't Coldplay just call it deuces on the UK & come to Salt Lake again?  I need to see them before I die.  I will hate myself forever if I missed my one chance... (they came to SLC two months after I moved to Tahiti - it's still a sore subject).

Anyway.  Here's "Naive:"

"How could this be done by such a smiling sweetheart?"

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