remember that, harry

12:19 AM

Have you ever related to the phrase "driving makes you hate people" ?

[Who am I kidding, we can all relate to that phrase.]

Well, in similar fashion, pinterest makes me hate girls.

Pinterest is the dumbest social networking site I have ever sunk so low as to join.

You sit there and you look at little PICTURES, or should I say pins.  That's almost as bad as spending hours perusing through failbook or i waste so much time, but at least then you get a good laugh every 40th picture.  Pinterest is the wonderland where every Mrs. Johnson can cyber-stalk how best to keep up with the Joneses.  They decorate homes they'll never be able to afford, they show off their crafty ingenuity, pin pictures of Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper with the caption of "yum", and plan out every detail of their imaginary wedding.

Doesn't that kind of make you hate women?

At least on Facebook I come away having learned something new about my friend.  At least on Twitter I can read up on the election & earthquakes in Japan.  At least on Blogger I can come away feeling inspired by others' stories.  But on Pinterest?  Every time I feel like I literally wasted my time on worthless eye poop candy.  "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."  DUMBLEDORE called it.

And those cookie monster cupcakes & 40-layers-cakes that look like Buckingham palace?  Yeah, those never turn out so stop trying.

Get off Pinterest and make something of yourself.  Read a friggin book.

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