before & after

10:40 AM

Resulting from a long series of roommate discussion, I ended up switching rooms in that little of apartment of mine.  Dubbed "the big room," it has long been coveted by the four of us remaining after last semester.  The previous occupants moved out.

So I got The Big Room.

I went from this:

[blur and awkward tilt due to the messiness that I didn't want to show the world]
To this:
To this:

My Jimmer jersey is my last remaining item without a home.  So he's just chillin on my bed in the meantime.  But I'm really happy about how everything turned out.  Stay tuned for my finished Tahiti wall - I'm going to print off more pictures and make it even more tropical.

So now that means I can finally study, right? Have to get the room clean and organized first...

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