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Good day, readers. Followers. Mom. Visitors. Stalkers.

Things on the blog front are going to be changing a little around here. In my pursuance of a communications major, I am taking an entry-level journalism course. Since the Comms department is way ahead of the times, we're submitting our assignments 21st century style. All responses and assignments are submitted via blog. That is the new frontier anyway, right?

I thought about creating a completely separate blog for this class. In fact, I did. But there were two things wrong with this:

1) I'm OCD, and if I'm going to create another blog it's going to look good. I don't really have the time to manage THREE blogs at once (I already struggle with just two).

2) I know that when I've completed the course, I will probably just delete the blog anyway. I hate the thought of a stagnant website. But I don't really want to lose all of my work, either.

So here I am, on my little personal blog that is already so popular, ready to pollute it with journalism. I apologize, friends. I'll probably bore you to tears.

Feel free to skip over any post that begins with a triple asterisk (*** - and no, that isn't bleeping out any expletives). I will do my best to post other... stuff too.

If you're into that kind of thing, though, don't let this stop you from learning a little more about journalism and, well, my feelings on it. I would hate for you to miss on this opportunity.

It will only last a semester. So hang tight. Thanks for everything, friends.

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