5:56 PM

I take the "break" very literally in "Christmas break."  It's a mere two week hiatus from the insanity that is my education.  I did no fooling around.  I slept a lot, stayed up till three watching movies a lot, went to BYU basketball games a lot, and steered clear of anything that whispers the word "school" a lot.  Sorry R2, you were still screaming school.  My lil lappy got some rest too.  I couldn't risk my day being ruined by a school-related email.  

There were days where I wanted to write.  But I didn't.  I am a woman of integrity and when I vowed to spend my break in a state of 100% relaxation, I meant it.

[i may or may not have also been working 30 hours a week.  so that's a little fib, but every moment outside of the bookstore was not spent laboring.]

Readers (if you exist, or whatever), I apologize.  I do enjoy this little blog of mine and am saddened that the month of December is barren of excitement.

In the meantime, I am in the midst of a full fledged poke war.

SarKar, I am so winning this.

More later.

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