i pull my shirt on, walk out the door, drag my feet along the floor

12:46 AM

On a scale of 1 to yesplease, my day was probably a 6. I am ferociously fighting a cold right now - and by ferociously fighting I mean I'm just pretending that it doesn't exist. I figure if I completely ignore it, then maybe I'll forget that I actually can't breath.

I got super sick in the middle of last semester. Though the excuses just keep piling up for my poor performance, I do honestly believe that that illness hindered my progression. Getting sick freaking SUCKS. There's no worse feeling than sitting through class with a pounding head ache while willing your tired eyes and body to stay awake for five more minutes...

I've got big plans for this semester. Getting sick is not on the agenda.

So, friends, my academic goals for this semester/year are as follows:

1] GET A 4.0
Has that happened since high school? No, ma'am. Is that a little bit depressing? Yes, sir. It's common knowledge that my grades are nothing to write home about, but they could also be a lot worse. The fact that they're not worth writing home over is also a sign that they're not too terrible. However, if I have any hope of getting into grad school then I've got to step it up.

Lucky for me, my classes are pretty wonderful. It's a lot easier to perform well when you enjoy what you do. A lot more writing, a lot less test-taking. That's a plus if there ever was one.

I'm not even going to throw in a qualifier. I did great with that last semester... until I got sick. Hence the iseriouslynoseriouslydonthavetimetogetsick. Miss class once, it's a lot easier to miss a second time. That's why I just can't cross that boundary ever. With that, being on time is thrown in there somewhere. But who's really counting?

Guilty pleasure. If I'm going to have 100% attendance, it might as well be 100% attendance. I'm the worst procrastinator around, and I get distracted reeeeeeeally easily. I have found it easiest if I just leave the computer shut. I've degraded to handwritten notes. My hands are stained with ink again, and I like that.

So eerbody, if you just want to just wish some good health in my direction, that'd be the best. Thanks for your support, you really are golden.

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