it's twenty-twelve, babes.

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...seventeen days ago.

I may be completely alone in this, but I kind of get sick of hearing the same thing forty times on forty different blog posts. On January 1st, the internet was overflowing with new years resolutions from anyone with a voice online. That's really fun that you're going to exercise three times a day, living off a broccoli-exclusive diet, but we all know you're going to break down for a Snickers on week 2.

That doesn't mean I wasn't thinking with the rest of the blogosphere about my resolutions for 2012. It also doesn't mean that I didn't set goals myself (especially since this is my last chance for a six pack - the world's ending, remember?) But I refrained from posting because I knew my voice would be lost in the swirl of cookie-cutter goal posts.

That makes it sound like people actually read my blog.

Since people don't actually read this, I guess my real reason was I didn't want to let my own goals get lost. This small act of posting after the fact separates me from every other do-gooders on the internet. This was a selfish decision, I wanted to remember that the reason I had goals wasn't because it was the "thing to do", but because I honestly wanted to improve myself, and everyone else happened to have the same idea.

Don't rain on my hyperbolic parade, please.

Another reason I wait a few weeks is I need to try my goals on for a few weeks before I decide how they look on me. If they're still standing then I take the price tag off. Though I set many goals, I'm going to focus on one category per post.

Should we all recite it together?

My first category is FITNESS.

Slash, overall health.

I know what you're all thinking. Didn't she sign up for a halfsy last and then never did it? Well doubter, that's partly true - I never actually did sign up for the half... though I cyber-committed, which is almost as bad. However, with a little team effort, this is going to go down for real. I'm running the Utah Valley Marathon in June with SarKar. It's gonna be great.

With that, daily goal is to run 4 times a week. Right now, I'm set for MWFS, I don't have class till 11 on those days. In February/March ish, I will run my own personal half marathon as a benchmark.

No questions on this one. I'm so psyched it isn't even funny.

Daily goals:
~Work on 1 kick a week
~Push ups & sit ups 4 times a week (I have to do 100 at my test...)
~Stretch e'ernight
~Practice my sai nightly (the sai is my weapon. more on that at another date).

Overall, I am not dissatisfied with my eating habits. Occasionally I eat one too many quesadillas, but on such a tight budget, I can't necessarily afford to eat lots of crap.

That being said, I will throw in a few qualifiers for integrity's sake. I know that I will undoubtably slip up. If my friends are going out to ice cream and I already had my treat-for-the-day - I will not say no.  At any time, if free ice cream or chocolate cake is offered to me, I cannot, in good financial conscience, say no. This goal is mostly intended for my own spending habits ... and the nightly munchies. I have a few more loose goals on this subject, but this is the most concrete.

Stay tuned for part 2. And may the force be with you and your newly resolute selves.

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  1. Well done. And I will be your cheerleader.

    Go Lauren, go Lauren, go go go Lauren!


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