the joy of books

10:54 AM

I saw this video posted on Roger Ebert's blog this morning. As a cinephile, I basically worship the ground that the acclaimed movie critic walks on. So to see this video posted on the blog of a man who has sold his soul to the cinema was really cool to me. This video isn't life changing or anything, but it's subtly beautiful.

If you don't think a love of movies and books can go hand in hand, just watch Hugo. Haven't seen it yet? You should. There really is a joy that can be found in books and in bookstores. Even Roger Ebert knows that. As handy and snazzy as Kindles and Nooks are, this is a feeling that I pray my kids will have. There's nothing like walking into a bookstore to the smell of paper. There's no feeling like turning the page and hearing that crinkle. There's nothing like slamming a book shut, or throwing it across the room in hatred. They may never even understand the cliche "don't judge a book by its cover."

Everything's changing, and I get that. I'm all for change. But it will be a sad day indeed when bookstores are obsolete.

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