some thoughts on Christmas

1:52 AM

I very poorly documented the whole Christmas Time is Here thing. (#itakemybreaksseriously)

But what's a January without a little retweeted, repeated Christmas magic?

My dad makes a great Santa Claus.  Though with all of his disciplined treadmill lovin', he's a little too lean and mean to be the real deal.  But he's got the ho ho hos, and that's all that really matters in spreading Christmas cheer.

Both of these pictures really epitomize everything I love about Christmas.  Ho ho hos, and little kids.  (Also, I was super proud of my present for the niblings - are those hats not the hippest thing you've ever seen on the 9 and younger? I keep them styling).

Here's what I mean:

Ho ho hos is the magic. The snow. (Absent). The movies. The service. The Jesus stuff. The weird smiles on the street. The dudes dressed in Santa suits asking for spare change. The worldwide excitement. All of the stuff that (both secularly and spiritually) set the 25th apart from the other 364 days.

I even like the music. And by like, I mean I like it for a week and then I OD on Death Cab to keep me sane. There are only a few Christmas songs that I legitimately like (none of them have the words "twelve" or "days" in it) and basically all of them are spiritual. The radio just sucks though. But there's something about all of that crap that just... makes up part of Christmas for me.

Little kids is, well, also the magic. Nobody loves Christmas like kids do.  Watching their pure, unabashed, guileless joy overflow at their stocking full of candy is A) the best form of entertainment and B) beautiful. Kids just really understand Christmas.  I was amazed as Richie was able to answer questions about the Nativity story better than I could. I loved watching Maddie and Matthew serve their family. They all made homemade gifts and lovingly presented them to each other on Christmas morning. I'm telling you, there is so much we can learn from kids.

Also, though presents are fun at all ages, it's a lot more fun watching kids open them.

Christmas was particularly special this year because I actually had my entire family together. It's my second Christmas post-Tahiti, but my first with parents AND sister's fam (we missed you, Adam).

I had two years with no little kids. I had two years with no ho ho hos. I've really learned to appreciate both of those things. And, I tell ya, you never think you'll miss those stupid Santa Baby songs until you go without any Christmas music at all.

Except for the "Christmas Shoes" song. That is never appropriate, under any circumstances.

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