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11:58 PM

The news that The Daily Universe was moving to a digital first format with a weekly print publication came as no real shock, yet it was still unsettling. I have many friends who are involved with the distribution of The Daily Universe, including some full-time employees. It was difficult to see some lose their jobs and the entire community of BYU be affected by the change.

I remember when I started working at the bookstore over a year ago. Sitting on our desk daily was a copy of The Daily Universe readily available. I learned about the infamy of the police beat and kept up to date on controversies in the opinion page. In many ways, The Daily Universe was my rite of passage as an official BYU student. Jimmer mania would not have been the same without the DU's coverage (and everyone knows how I feel about Jimmer...)

I must admit, as sad as I am about the change, the next frontier for journalism is swiftly moving towards the internet. I am glad that it will continue at least weekly, for I do worry that many readers will miss out on interesting stories that won't be easily discovered online. It is an exciting endeavor at the same time, I hope this allows the DU to become more of a 24/7 newspaper, and this could increase not only readership, but also credibility. It is pointless for them to continue in an outdated format. But it is sad that incoming freshman will not know the name "Daily Universe." It has become an icon for BYU students. As one of my friends at the DU facebooked, "The Mayans were almost right... 2012 was not the end of the world... just the end of the Universe."

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