*** what is journalism? ***

9:02 PM

In "The Elements of Journalism" by Bill Kovach, I love what was said about journalism in its opening pages, "Journalism was for building community. Journalism was for citizenship. Journalism was for democracy."

I think that is so true.

It discusses extensively the relationship between journalism and community, particularly a democratic community. Even for those that don't read the newspaper, journalism is still influential in their lives. Journalism and community are so interwoven that they are almost synonymous. As a community, its citizens bond over current events and journalism is that facilitator.

Though it is most often associated with the written word, journalism is much more than that. It is the spreading of news to a mass audience. Information that is spread via word of mouth, written word, or television is journalism. The definition is broadening in the 21st century with the emergence of primarily online distribution of news. Newspapers themselves may be suffering, but as long as there are communities - journalism will not die. Information will always be spreading.

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