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[so, i like, wrote this for one of my many comms classes and stuff. thought i'd share it with you.]

A love for writing is almost always accompanied by a love for reading. As a child, my nose was often buried in a book. Before I ever ventured through school doors, books taught me how to think for myself, how to create, and how to dream. Just as those fantastic stories shaped my personality, I wanted to write something adventurous that would influence future generations and similarly change their lives. However, my appreciation of literature was not the only thing that instigated my passion for writing. The love I found for the pen, though most easily traced to books, is rooted in a love of stories. Movies, music, television, or art all have stories to tell. Just as many messages from those media forms have stood the test of time, I wanted to write something worth reading.

I come from a family who watches a lot of movies. The movie theater was like a second home, I have spent so many hours there. It was a habit I wasn’t willing to give up, though, no matter how much time I was frivolously wasting. I began justifying this time by writing about all of the movies I saw. It allowed me to intellectually process the stories, to critically appreciate the artistry behind filmmaking, and to write down my opinions. I take notes on every film I watch, the passion I have for the cinema is only magnified by writing about it. There came a point where I was watching movies just so I could write about them. This was just the beginning of my love affair with words.

I may never again read the things that I have written, but the mere act of writing it down exponentially influences my retention. The things I have written throughout the years have stuck with me, regardless of their importance. Whether personal, scholastic or spiritual, the muscle memory associated with forming the words on paper has left a lasting mark. Also, as a visual learner, seeing the words in front of me is essential to my comprehension. It helps me to process information. Similarly, writing is also my form of appreciation. When directly faced with affection or attention from someone else, I find it difficult to appropriately respond in kind. However, writing allows me to express how I truly feel for a loved one.

A Chinese proverb states that “the strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink.” I write because words last. Memories fade. I had the opportunity of living in Tahiti for a few years as a teenager. While there, my kind, wise neighbor would check in with me every few weeks and, staring at me point blank, ask, “Are you writing in your journal?” Though an avid writer as a child, my writing habits were lost in adolescence. She helped me rediscover the passion that had been so prominent before. She also led me to realize that any record of the experiences I was having would be a treasure to me. Living in an exotic foreign country was the perfect opportunity to rekindle my relationship with writing.

Following her advice, I kept a journal. It became my companion, and my outlet for ingenuity. I wrote in my tattered notebook nearly everyday for two years. I learned so much about myself from those anecdotes I wrote to no one. Everyone changes with time, but in those words were preserved a different version of myself. Just as we study our country’s history, I study my own personal history. I can pick out patterns and trends in repeated situations, and most importantly I can remember.

The ability to create is man’s greatest gift. The world we live in is truly beautiful because of all that its occupants contribute to it. In stressful times, creativity is the best medicine. Though I will never be able to paint like Picasso or compose like Debussy, I can still create something with my words. I feel accomplished, I feel a sense of pride. After repeatedly toying with the words on the page and turning them into something eloquent I can’t help but be proud of my work, and discover a newfound sense of self worth.

I discovered that, like any filmmaker or author whom I had greatly admired, I too had a story to tell – even if it wasn’t a fantastical adventure story that I had so badly wanted to publish as a child. It was my own personal story. I love to write because it is the one platform where I can be myself, no questions asked. 

Also... it's way better than test-taking.  Just sayin.

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