12:18 AM

February sucks.

January means a fresh start. The snow (if there is any) is white and beautiful. It's a new year, everyone makes their stupid resolutions and feels great about them.

February is where everything goes down hill.

School gets harder.

You start eating chocolate again.

The snow gets ugly.

And I don't care what any happily married couple says, Valentine's Day is the worst holiday ever.

It's ironic though.

Same time last year, I was suffering through two hard classes, retaking a class that I could only take at 8 am, readjusting to new friendships after Mr. Benjamin went on the mish, starting a new job, and going through some serious ape shiz roommate problems.

This year, my classes are wonderful, I love all of my friends, I have a great job, I'm exercising regularly, I'm not behind on any homework, and life is generally pretty good.

But it's just that time of year.

Do you want to know the other thing about February?

January is all about ignorance.

February is all about recognition.  All of those decisions for 2012 that I've been putting off have finally come to bite me in the butt. The future is here. And I'm trying to avoid it.

But it's here. It's time to make those big girl decisions. And I don't know if I can do it.

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