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12:18 PM

Matt Costa somehow braved a BYU crowd. I know, rigggggghhhttt? Why ever would a prettydarn famous singer/songwriter EVER come to a Mormon school auditorium?

Answer: Cafe Rio, duhhh.

But really.

So Matty-Matt comes to P-town and what do my friends and I do but stand in line for an hour & a half to stand close. Because that's what we do. Concerts are ALL about proximity. 

This was a weird concert. I would say that it wasn't because of the Mormon thing, but it was kind of a Mormon thing. We stood through two local battle-of-the-bands winnin' opening acts: Brady Parks & the Indianns / The Lucky Strikes (with a lead singer that looks incredibly like Macaulay Caulkin). I love opening bands at concerts. It's fun to be forced to discover different sounds. I don't always like them, but it's culture and stuff. However, after two bands and two hours of NOT the person I came to see, I was antsy.

Also, the emcee was really into '90's trivia. It was pretty funny until he failed to ask the audience on the question that I KNEW. 

[Complete the lyric: "...When you take a sip you buzz like a hornet / Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets... CALL ME WILLY WHISTLE CUZ I CAN'T SPEAK, BABY / SOMETHING IN YOUR EYES WENT AND DROVE ME CRAZY." Don't hate on my LFO trivia. I shoulda got a free CD because of that.]

Anyway, by the time Matt FINALLY came on the crowd was restless. Myself included. However, I was still disappointed in everyone attending. 

"So my O-Chem exam SUCKED today."
"Oh em gee, I heard that her ring was huge!"
"Just ask him out. He OBVIOUSLY likes you."
"Do you think this will last much longer?"

I have never heard so much side discussion at a concert before. I was pretty close to Costa (especially because people were filing out left & right) and I had to strain my ears to hear. AT A CONCERT. BYU students just think "Oh. Cheap date idea. I don't actually know who Matt Costa is, but it's something to do."

That's just dumb.

Matt was great. The concert was acoustic, which surprised me a little. But he played the songs I knew (Sunshine, Mr. Pitiful to name a few... two) and that was enough to satisfy me.

BYU culture just entertains me sometimes.

I went to another concert a week ago. It was just a small gig at the Salt Lake Guitars Co. ... in Provo. Three small bands showed their stuff. Let me first preface this story by saying that I really enjoyed going - I love concerts. I love music. 

But man.

Allow this haiku to sum up my experience:

Little kids and milk
He just used the phrase "Dear John"
A Mormon concert.

Seriously, this was the most Mormon event I have ever been to that wasn't organized by the church. There were COOKIES and MILK. And families with their nine children running around. And more talking (WhyareMormonsalwaysshowinguplateandtalkingthrougheverything?) And songs about mission experiences. And poorly-dressed drummers who wear their Reeboks with their Levis. 

I'm not saying there should be marijuana at every concert, nor should there be hoards of drunk 30 years olds swearing and trying to pick up chicks. But I do really appreciate the diversity that accompanies a typical concert experience. I love feeling connected to all of those people from completely different walks of life - united with music. 

All I'm sayin' is it's a wonder that people don't think we're crazy sometimes. Who have TERRIBLE concert etiquette. Good thing we're all really nice and friendly. Because I DID, at least, make a few new friends.

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